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The 10 latest innovations from Haulotte aerial lift equipment

The 10 latest innovations from Haulotte aerial lift equipment

Haulotte is a North American manufacturer of high-quality boom lifts, scissor lifts and telehandlers. It is through innovation that Haulotte has become a leader among all aerial lift equipment manufacturers. Over the last few years, Haulotte has:

  • Developed practical mobile apps that make the work of operators easier and more efficient
  • Developed technologies that maximize safety for operators and work sites
  • Created digital tools to facilitate the management of construction projects
  • And much more

Haulotte is constantly innovating to offer aerial lift equipment designed for your needs, whether by designing new equipment, developing new technologies or improving existing equipment. Discover the 10 latest innovations of this world leader in the aerial lift industry.

Haulotte mobile apps

ETI Lite: access the online Haulotte manual library

Before the digital age, all user manuals, replacement part manuals, maintenance manuals and familiarization leaflets were hard copies. With Haulotte's ETI Lite online library, you can now download all these manuals on your mobile phone or tablet, no matter where you are. You can also watch tutorial videos to become familiar with your equipment.

In seconds, you get all the documentation related to your Haulotte aerial lift equipment in the language of your choice among the following: English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Russian.

To access the ETI Lite digital library, scan the QR code located near the lower control panel or on the instruction manual. Your Haulotte doesn't have a QR code? We can order it for you so you can access all digital documentation about your Haulotte equipment quickly.

Learn more about ETI Lite app

Quick Positioning: find the equipment that best suits you with augmented reality

Using augmented reality, Haulotte's Quick Positioning app gives you an almost instantaneous view of the boom lift that best suits your environment. Here's how to use the mobile app:

  1. Take a picture of your working area.
  2. Place a marker where the equipment will be in action and enter an object or a person's height.
  3. Place a marker on the work area to reach with the boom lift.
  4. Once the application has determined the ideal equipment, move it to simulate the work to be done.

You can then save the equipment information on your phone or send it by email.

You can also contact our advisors by phone, email or online chat for advice on the aerial lift equipment that best suits your project.

Learn more about the Quick Positioning app

Haulotte Diag: Haulotte equipment maintenance with a mobile app

The Haulotte Diag mobile app allows maintenance technicians to diagnose problems on Haulotte aerial lift equipment and update your aerial lift software by using a smartphone. When the phone is connected to your Haulotte equipment, the application automatically recognizes it. It authorizes the technician to install the latest software version for your Haulotte lifting equipment.

Learn more about Haulotte Diag app

New technologies exclusive to Haulotte

Activ'Screen: get information from your equipment in real time

Thanks to Haulotte Activ'Screen technology, you have real-time access to essential information on the operation and status of your aerial lift equipment, such as fuel indicator, RPM, engine condition, potential malfunctions and more. To maximize the use of your equipment and better plan for maintenance, you also have access to various maintenance operations and their due dates. With Activ'Screen, you can also add a start code to secure access to your equipment.

Also, you have access to various Haulotte Activ'Screen features on your smartphone when you download the Haulotte Diag app.

Learn more about Activ'Screen

Activ'Energy Management: facilitate battery maintenance

Batteries power approximately 75% of the world's boom lifts. To facilitate the maintenance of your aerial lift equipment batteries, Haulotte has designed the Activ'Energy Management system that performs many tasks to take care of your batteries for you. This system allows you to maximize the battery performance, use and lifespan of your Haulotte aerial lift equipment.

Learn more about Activ'Energy Management

Activ'Shield Bar: protect the operator from entrapment

The Haulotte Activ'Shield Bar is a protection bar that deactivates basket controls and stops the boom lift when the operator in the basket is pushed against it in an entrapment situation. The only movements allowed by this safety device are those that enable the operator to move in the opposite direction away from the obstacle or dangerous situation. The lower control panel remains active for an operator on the ground to assist the basket operator. The Activ'Shield bar also provides additional clearance space to maximize basket operator safety and to avoid entrapment.

If your Haulotte boom lift doesn't have the Activ'Shield Bar yet, Cisolift technicians can install it for you.

Learn more about the Activ'Shield Bar

Stop Emission System: improve energy efficiency of your Haulotte equipment

The Stop Emission System is a calculator that continuously analyzes the energy use required by the operator. After detecting 90 seconds of inactivity, the calculator automatically stops the aerial lift engine. This new technology allows you to reduce fuel consumption and keep operating costs to a minimum.

Learn more about the Stop Emission System

Activ'Lighting System: improve visibility when loading and unloading boom lifts in the dark

When visibility is limited by darkness, the Haulotte Activ'Lighting System turns on a minimum of 10 LED lights to allow the boom lift operator to clearly view the controls and the equipment loading/unloading area. If necessary, the operator can also activate the system lights manually. The LED lights consume very little power to maintain high energy levels for other boom lift operations.

Learn more about the Activ'Lighting System

Pulseo generation: making eco-friendly boom lifts

The Haulotte's Pulseo all-terrain boom lifts are fully electric, emit no polluting gases and operate very quietly. They are the best boom lifts for working in cities and areas where greenhouse gas emissions are limited, such as around hospitals or in amphitheatres. Pulseo boom lifts have 4-wheel drive to maximize grip on uneven terrain. They are also non-marking to protect the ground during indoor work and can all be directional.

Pulseo boom lift batteries are so efficient that you can climb slopes up to 45%. The basket capacity is 250 kg and can even be increased to 350 kg. Haulotte's Pulseo electric boom lift will amaze you!

Learn more about the Pulseo electric boom lift

Haulotte digital tools

BIM object library: integrate Haulotte aerial equipment in your 3D modelling projects

3D building information modelling (BIM) allows you to centralize all possible data to improve the coordination of construction projects. This tool helps avoid conflict, project modifications and construction delays.

With the Haulotte BIM object library, you can now integrate all Haulotte aerial lift equipment in your 3D modelling to manage the planning, design, construction and building maintenance of your projects more efficiently.

Learn more about the Haulotte BIM object library

Cisolift and Haulotte: partners dedicated to your success

With Cisolift, you benefit from a wide range of Haulotte aerial lifting equipment, in addition to customer service in English and French throughout Quebec. Cisolift is also a parts distribution centre in Quebec for the repair and maintenance of your Haulotte lift equipment. Discover all our Haulotte equipment inventory, and see their many advantages.

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