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Cisolift: personalized services from an experienced lifting equipment dealer
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Cisolift: personalized services from an experienced lifting equipment dealer

At Cisolift, we want what's best for your business. That's why we have a team of dedicated advisors to help you make the best decision when it comes to purchasing a boom lift or scissor lift. Here is an overview of the advantages of consulting a qualified team for your aerial work platform needs.

Personalized aerial lift equipment sales service

We know that each client is unique and that each situation requires careful consideration to determine the ideal type of machinery for a project. For our aerial lift equipment sales advisors, thinking and analyzing every little detail is part of their daily routine. Our advisors understand your reality and the challenges you are facing today and will face in the future. This is what allows them to assist and advise you before, during and after the purchase of your lifting equipment.

Receive tailor-made advice before purchasing lifting equipment

Our experts are specially trained to accurately determine the type of machinery to best suit your work environment and needs. They will ask you all the necessary questions in order to offer you aerial equipment that perfectly meets your expectations.

Their mission: improving your business performance with lifting equipment specifically designed to enhance your day-to-day operations.

Test the aerial lift equipment during purchase

After discussing your needs, business vision and expectations together, our advisors will assist you in testing the machinery. They will ensure that the equipment chosen meets your expectations and is perfectly suited to the needs of your business sector. For example:

  • Pruning a 50-foot-high tree on an articulated boom lift
  • Reaching and picking items 25 feet in the air  with a scissor lift in a warehouse
  • Delivering a large quantity of lumber onto the 4th floor of a building under construction with a telehandler

Our lifting equipment dealers know their equipment backwards and forwards. At this step, don't hesitate to ask them your questions. They are in the best position to help you find what's best for your business: the most reliable and durable equipment within your budget.

Using your lifting equipment to its full potential after purchase

Thanks to the personalized support of our advisors, you are sure to get an aerial work platform that will offer you the best return on investment by improving your team's productivity. For an even more complete experience and to learn everything about our boom lifts and scissor lifts, we offer you access to the user guides of our aerial lift distributors at all times. Thus, you can see all the functionalities of your new lifting equipment.

Our advisors are available to answer your questions about operating your aerial lift. They can also give you their tips and tricks so that you benefit from the full potential of your lifting equipment's features when you use it.

Our aerial lift equipment salesmen: experience at your service

We are privileged to rely on a team of lifting equipment sales advisors who know everything about the sale of boom lifts and scissor lifts. Together, our salesmen combine many years of experience in consulting services. Their priorities:

  • Understanding your needs and expectations
  • Assisting you in a humane way by advising you like a family member
  • Offering you the safest, most durable and reliable equipment according to your needs
  • Offering you solutions to optimize your time

Our vision and objectives are clear: to offer you excellence so that you have the best performance in order to obtain full satisfaction from your aerial lift equipment.

Contact us for your aerial lift equipment pricing

We have a large inventory of boom lifts and scissor lifts for all budgets. Thanks to the sound advice of our salesmen, you are sure to see all the lifting equipment possibilities available to you.

If you have any questions, our team of experts can help and advise you by phone, email and online chat. They will find the most suitable solution that will meet your needs, expectations and budget.

Contact our experts
Contact our experts
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Cisolift: discover the world of aerial lift equipment

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